Microsoft Office Powerpoint MCQ Set-4


1. In a PowerPoint presentation

a. Sound clips can be inserted but not movie clips

b. Movie clips can be inserted but not sound clips

c. Both cannot be inserted

d. Both can be inserted

2. to insert a hyperlink in a slide

a. Choose Insert >> Hyperlink

b. Press Ctrl + K

c. Hyperlinks can’t be inserted in slides

d. both a & b

3. List Box and Text box

a. are some other than that in a list box the bullets are enabled

b. are different. List boxes are used to present lists and can’t be created with text boxes.

c. Both of above

d. None of above

4. Which of the following statement is true

a. You can insert text boxes from drawing toolbar in PowerPoint

b. You cannot insert text boxes from drawing toolbar in PowerPoint

c. Text boxes are provides when you choose a layout and can’t be inserted afterwards

d. None of above

5. When you delete a text box object from a slide in PowerPoint Presentation

a. The object is deleted but text box and the text inside is left on the slide

b. The text box is deleted and the text is pasted on the slide

c. The text box and text both are deleted

d. None of above

6. Which of the following font effect is not available in PowerPoint Font dialog box?

a. Underline

b. Shadow

c. Emboss

d. Strikethrough

7. What happens if you edited an image inserted in PowerPoint

a. The original file that was inserted is not changed

b. The original file that was inserted is changed

c. The original file is changed when you save presentation

d. None of above

8. If you select Insert >> Picture >> From File

a. You can insert pictures and clipart

b. You can insert clipart only

c. you can insert pictures only

d. None of above

9. The effect applied to display when slides changes in slide show view is

a. Slide Animation

b. Custom Animation

c. Custom Transition

d. Slide Transition

10. To start slide show of a presentation

a. Hit F5 key

b. From Slide Show menu choose View Show option

c. From Slide Show menu choose Rehearse timing

d. both a & b


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