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Nepali Unicode is a global encoding standard for use with Nepali language and content, by which each letter, digit, or image is relegated an extraordinary numeric worth that applies across various stages and projects. Saral Nepali Unicode is extremely simple, precise and easy to understand Nepali Typing on the web programming. The highlights incorporates simple Nepali Typing, Keyboard office that it accommodates all letters and numbers, Spacious for composing huge number of Nepali Unicode . Notwithstanding these highlights of Nepali Unicode it likewise gives Preeti to Unicode Converter. Preeti to Unicode Converter changes over from Preeti text style to Nepali Unicode or Kantipur text style to Nepali Unicode with exactness. It additionally remembers Nepali Unicode to Preeti Converter for the site. Nepali Unicode to Preeti Converter changes over from Nepali Unicode to Preeti textual style or Nepali Unicode to Kantipur textual style.

History of the Nepali language

Something like a long time back, Khas from the Karnali-Bheri-Seti bowl relocated toward the east, bypassing ungracious Kham good countries to get comfortable lower valleys of the Gandaki bowl that were appropriate to rice development. One prominent more distant family got comfortable Gorkha, a little realm somewhere between Pokhara and Kathmandu. In 1559 AD a Lamjunge sovereign Dravya Shah laid out him in the lofty position of Gorkha with the assistance of nearby Khas and Magars. He raised a multitude of khas with the commandership of Bhagirath Panta. Afterward, in the late eighteenth century his main beneficiary Prithvi Narayan Shah raised and ad libbed a multitude of Khasa (Chhetri), Thakuri, Gurungs, and Magars and perhaps other slope tribesmen and set off to vanquish and unite many little realms in the Himalayan lower regions. Since Gorkha had supplanted the first Khas country as thary drive, Khaskura was redubbed Gorkhali, for example language of the Gorkhas.[citation needed] The most eminent military accomplishment of Prithvi Narayan was victory of the urbanized Kathmandu Valley, on the eastern edge of the Gandaki bowl. This locale was likewise called Nepal at that point. Kathmandu became Prithvi Narayan’s new capital, from which he and his beneficiaries expanded their area east across the Koshi bowl, north to the Tibetan Plateau, south into the fields of northern India, and west across the Karnali/Bheri bowl and beyond.[citation needed] Expansion, especially toward the north, west, and south carried the developing state into struggle with the British and Chinese.
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This prompted wars that managed back the region to an area generally relating to Nepal’s current boundaries. Both China and Britain figured out the worth of a cushion state and didn’t endeavor to diminish the region of the new nation further. Since the Kathmandu Valley or Nepal had turned into the new focal point of political drive, this word bit by bit came to allude to the whole domain and in addition to the Kathmandu Valley. Thus Gorkhali, language of Gorkha, again came to be known as Nepali.[citation needed] Khaskura/Gorkhali/Nepali is spoken natively over the greater part of Nepal west of the Kaligandaki River, then, at that point, continuously less further toward the east. This is shown graphically in point by point language guides of western [1] and eastern [2] Nepal as language number 73. See moreover: Lhotshampa as Nepali is brought in Bhutan. – Reference: