Create own Nepali Typing Shortcut keys .


About Nepali Typing

Hello everyone
Typing Nepali on a computer is a very complicated subject for some people. For many, Nepali typing may be a topic of headache, but Nepali typing is not as complicated as you think. Nepali typing is actually a very easy topic. Typing Nepali on a computer has become simple and easy. If we understand it in a simple way, this topic is very easy, therefore Nepali typing is a complex subject.
Computer teaching instructors teach Nepali typing in their own way, but I have been teaching Nepali typing for a long time now through my own easy formula. For that, watch the video below.

There are many types of shortcut keys to remember in Nepali typing which can be complicated but we can make Nepali typing by making the shortcut key as per our wish. Watch the video below to find out.