Microsoft Office Word MCQ Set-7


1. Which of the following are word processing software?
a. WordPerfect
b. Easy Word
c. MS Word
d. All of above

2. Which file starts MS Word?
a. winword.exe
b. word.exe
c. msword.exe
d. word2003.exe

3. Ctrl + N
a. Save Document
b. Open Document
c. New Document
d. Close Document

4. To exit from the Resume Wizard and return to the document window without creating a resume, click the _____ button in any panel in the Resume Wizard dialog box.
a. Cancel
b. Back
c. Next
d. Finish

5. What are inserted as cross-reference in Word?
a. Placeholders
b. Bookmarks
c. Objects
d. Word fields

6. Which of the following is not the Section Break Option?
a. Next Page
b. Previous Page
c. Odd Page
d. Even Page

7. Which of the following is not valid version of MS Office?
a. Office XP
b. Office Vista
c. Office 2007
d. None of above

8. By default, on which page the header or the footer is printed?
a. on first page
b. on alternate page
c. on every page
d. none of the above

9. Where can you find the horizontal split bar on MS Word screen?
a. On the left of horizontal scroll bar
b. On the right of horizontal scroll bar
c. On the top of vertical scroll bar
d. On the bottom of vertical scroll bar


10. Ctrl + G
a. Open Paragraph Dialog box activating Goto Tab
b. Open Page Setup Dialog box activating Goto Tab
c. Open Find and Replace Dialog box with activating Goto Tab
d. Open Goto Dialog box